A day of unity and restoration

Crowley Mausoleum, an old Atlanta neighborhood stable, prepares for a day of new life.

The Crowley Mausoleum is a neighborhood staple within the East Atlanta metropolitan community of Belvedere Park, Georgia.

A family cemetery that sits in the middle of the local commercial district. Today’s younger generation either don’t know what vandalized building is or just simply haven’t seen it before due to its current position hidden in the growing commercial landscape.

But to many of us older eastside kids of metro Atlanta, the Crowley Mausoleum was a regular fixture in our everyday lives while shopping, hanging out or watching dollar movies at the old Avondale Mall.

Today the Crowley Mausoleum has grown into great despair with vandalism, graffiti, and homeless encampments. The Crowley Mausoleum has become a great eyesour that could pose possibly dangers and attract unwanted attention to the Belvedere Park community.

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The Community of Belvedere Park has worked out a day of cleaning of the Crowley Mausoleum with Walmart, the current owners of the property. We will be landscaping the grounds, pressure washing the interior building and clearing the top burial area of overgrown weeds, trees and etc. The Crowley Mausoleum cleaning will be held on Saturday, January 13th, 2024 from 10am-2pm.

Walmart will be providing water and snacks, but like all previous community events hosted by the Community of Belvedere Park. We will be working to provide volunteers food by a local Belvedere Park restaurant business.

We are looking for 20 volunteers who has access to high powered pressure washers, lawn equipment such as weed eaters, hedge clippers (shears), people willing to bag lawn debris, pick up trash to help beautify the area, and most importantly not afraid of getting dirty, nor not scared of bugs and DEAD PEOPLE!!! 😉

Volunteers will receive a Community of Belvedere Park t-shirt as a thanks for their time and efforts. Regular updates will be posted to our current Facebook event page at: Crowley Mausoleum Restoration.

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