Last day for HELL’S GATE!!!

Are you brave enough to walk Atlanta’s haunted house alternative?

Dawsonville, Georgia – Have you ever wondered what the end of days would be like? A local metro Atlanta haunted house alternative, “Hell’s Gate,” is giving thrill seekers the opportunity to see if they are brave enough to experience it.

Hell’s Gates is a creation conceived by Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville, Georgia. Described as, “Hell’s Gates is an outdoor reality drama. This means that you are not just watching, but you are actually a part of the whole experience. You are placed in a group that will enter an outdoor trail that carries you through nine different scenes of shocking reality. There will be live actors, video effects, fire, explosions, gunfire, and life and death decisions through a near hour-long experience. The setting for Hell’s Gates is the end time events as found in the book of Revelation, including the Great Tribulation period.”

Interested? Hurry!!! Today, Saturday, November 5th is the last day. Hell’s Gate is located at:

329 Harmony Church Road
Dawsonville, Georgia 30534

For a video of the activity and more information such as ticket prices and hours, please visit: https://escapehellsgates.com/.

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