Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story

From film director, Art Jones comes a special story about a special day in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

The city of Atlanta is filled with so many stories of heroes and events that have made their place in history. However, there are many significant stories of heroes and events that were never shared and embraced by the general public, and this is one of them.

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The year was 1970, and the greatest boxer ever, Muhammad Ali, had just returned to the sport after previously being stripped of his heavyweight title, convicted of draft evasion, sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, and slammed with a $10,000 fine. Ali was out on bail pending a Supreme Court decision to ultimately determine his fate.

Ali was trying to fight to help keep his head above water, but he was denied a boxing license everywhere throughout the United States.

Film Director Art Jones and his company, The Dream Factory, have teamed up with Dr. Shelton Land of the Douglas Theatre in Macon, Georgia, to bring you the documentary film “Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story.”

“October 26, 1970 is a special day in the history of the city of Atlanta, the state of Georgia, and in the United States of America. An amazing sporting event took place that Monday evening  at the Municipal Auditorium in downtown Atlanta. It attracted crowds from all across the  nation. Practically everyone who was anyone from the small and large screen in Hollywood  and New York City descended on Atlanta. Key voices from the inspired Civil Rights Movement including Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Coretta Scott King, Andrew Young, Julian Bond, and then  Deputy Mayor of Atlanta, Maynard Jackson, were among the stellar crowd. 

They all came because that day marked the reemergence of the great Muhammad Ali from a  three and a half year government imposed exile from the boxing ring.”

Attend the special screening of the documentary at Macon’s Douglass Theater on October 26, 2023. Tickets are available by phone at: 478-742-2000.

The trailer to the documentary is available to view by clicking: Ali’s Comeback.

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