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Introducing The Planetics

Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop by using Stop-And-Go Animation to teach kids about science and the solar system

Do you remember the old 80s Schoolhouse Rock cartoons and how fun it was to watch them? The cartoons that had us sitting in front of the television singing, “I’m just a bill. yes, I’m only a bill. Sitting here on Capital Bill.”

They also had us unknowingly singing about grammar and sentence forming without even knowing about it, “Conjunction. Conjuction. What’s your function?”

As we approach the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop, the A.T.L. will be celebrating Hip Hop by using stop-and-go animation to teach children just as Schoolhouse Rock taught us by using their creative musical approach to education.

“The Planetics” is a creative stop-and-go animation series teaching kids about science and our solar system.

Created by long-time Atlanta Resident, Eric Clemente, who had the vision for the stop-and-go motion over 25 years ago, “I actually created the series over 27 years ago as hip hop was growing, I thought it would be a great idea to use outer space characters, to speak to the youth about the solar system using hip hop and animation,” says Clemente.

On August 11th is the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop and Art, Trade & Lifestyle will be working with Clement to exclusively release the first two videos of his Planetics series. For the past 30 years or so, the city of Atlanta has been a popular location and the go-to spot for everything entertainment. Especially in music, Atlanta has been leading the Hip Hop scene with various acts representing metro Atlanta communities.

Regardless of if its acts coming out of East Atlanta: 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys, YoungBloodz; Northeast Atlanta area: Migosl; coming out of Bankhead: T.I. and Shawt Lo; Ludacris or Killer Mike representing Southwest Atlanta, or acts from East Point such as Goodie Mob, and Outkast who was just recognized by Billboard magazine as the best Hip Hop group of all time.

We expect the Planetics to be the next best thing to come out of Atlanta to help the city to continue to maintain its crown as the destination for arts and entertainment. Join the A.T.L. on August 11th as we exclusively present Eric Clement’s Planetics and their debut single, “Milky Way Away.”

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