MARTA seeks feedback from the South DeKalb community

DeKalb County, Georgia – The eastern metropolitan community of South DeKalb is a thriving community.

Whether it’s the neighborhood of East Atlanta, East Lake, Belvedere Park, Wesley Chapel or or the newly incorporated city of Stonecrest. South DeKalb has a lot going on for itself, that is besides adequate public transportation to properly serve the South DeKalb community.

Since my days in high school and early residency of Belvedere Park during the mid-90s. South DeKalb had been promised over and over again that MARTA would extend the eastbound rail further out east to help accommodate the growing community.

But here we are over 26 years later and MARTA has not fulfilled any of its promises to expand the eastbound rail. Both DeKalb and Fulton counties have been the lone supporters of MARTA services since its inception, but only approximately 25% of MARTA’s 48 miles of tracks is located in DeKalb County.

Today, MARTA continues the talk of expanding further east, but how? Because of the cost of heavy rail, expanding the eastbound rail further east is no longer an option. MARTA is now considering other options such as light rail or RBT (Rapid Bus Transit). Back in the early 2000s, MARTA had already tried a bus rapid option for east metro residents from downtown at Five Points to Stonecrest Mall. The bus ride was so uncomfortable and long that the service didn’t even last a year.

Now here we are 2023, and there is more and more talk about expanding MARTA’s services further east, but how and with what transportation method. So MARTA has turned to eastern metro residents for help by wanting to hear their input about service expansion east.

MARTA has established a website that allows patrons to take a survey and leave their input about expansion. Whether you are for or against expanding the reail service further east, utilizing RBT or light rail services. Your input is greatly needed. Please click on the link below and let your voices be heard.

South DeKalb Transit

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