Takeoff, 1/3 of the Atlanta Hip Hop trio Migos reported dead

Takeoff was reportedly killed over a dice game

Houston, Texas – Kirshnik Khari Ball, also known as, “Takeoff,” of the Atlanta-based Hip Hop trio, Migos, is dead.

Reports are circulating that Takeoff was in Houston attending a party. While there, was in dice game. An argument erupted over $7k, and Takeoff was shot. There is a video circulating that was reportedly recorded at the said party in Houston and shows a person dead, lying on his back with a group of people surrounding him. It has not been confirmed that the person dead is Takeoff. Out of respect for the deceased, regardless if it’s Takeoff or not, we will not be showing the video. We will keep you updated on this tragic news.

Here is Twitter’s response to Takeoff’s reported death.

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